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Our Volunteers

It Takes a (Howard) County and a Year to Get it Done


Prepare for Success has become a year round activity that focuses on distributing school supplies prior to the upcoming school year. The process ends the week before school starts. At that time the supplies have all been distributed to HCPSS schools where administrators and school personnel distribute the supplies to students in need of our support. While August is the end, it all starts up again in September.

In the Fall ...

Some of our hardest workers are the students with special needs at the Cedar Lane School in Fulton. The school is a one of a kind learning environment where the motto is “learning is for everyone." In September PFS delivers a bulk order of elementary school supplies that are purchased with monetary donations, as well as some of our August collections. The students, as part of their work skills development, pack about 900 elementary school backpacks. This continues throughout the school year.

In the Summer ...

In August everything comes together in the last two weeks of the month for our massive assembly of backpacks and school supplies. It is then that our community volunteers kick into high gear.


Area fraternity and other groups collect all our donation boxes and bring them to our assembly location. At the same time we have received our recent bulk supply purchase. High school sports teams, like the Reservoir Girls Soccer Team and the River Hill Boys Soccer Teams, along with couples, (grand)parents with (grand)children, church groups, students seeking community credit, and more are on hand to sort, pack, count, and move a mountain of supplies to their designated locations. 

September arrives and the cycle restarts ...

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